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Department of Psychiatry
                Our department is providing Mental Health Services since the inception of the college. We have both outpatient and inpatient services, which is utilized by mentally ill patients of Villupuram and nearby districts. We have adequate manpower and equipments to cater the needs of the increasing mental health problem in our population.

Number of units   - 1


Associate Professor 1
  Assistant Professor 1
  Senior Resident    2
   Junior Resident   3
Services available
1 Outpatient Monday toSaturday    
 (8 am to 12 noon)
 Average of  20,000/annum
2 Inpatient Average of 150 to 200 patients per annum
3 Consultation Liaison services to other departments As outpatient and inpatient services on all days
4 Issuing Disability certificate Assessing and certifying the needy mentally retarded and mentally ill patients
5 We provide assistance in evaluating medico-legal cases referred through the Court
6 Emergency calls – Attended on 24 x 7 days in a week
Special Clinics conducted by the Department
Tuesday – Child Guidance Clinic (Children with Behavioral and Emotional disturbance are taken care)
Friday    - De-addiction Clinic (For Alcohol & other substance use patients)
All Days – Suicide Prevention Clinics on all days.
All Days – Need based counseling given

Academic activities
             M.B.B.S., students undergo Clinical posting in psychiatry for two weeks. They are offered Introductory lectures, bedside clinics, didactic lectures using audiovisual aids and teaching/learning methods like small group learning.

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