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         The Teaching curriculam for the first year students of 2019-2020 Batch MBBS students will be based on Medical Council of India's revised competency based Curriculam. The teaching schedule for the upcoming batch of students were formulated as per the revised curriculam. As per this, first year program will be of one month of foundation course followed by the 12 months of competency based pre clinical subjects with Human Anatomy, Physiology including Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Community Medicine. This schedule also includes the Attitude, Ethics & Communication Module (AETCOM).

         The  teaching planner for the MBBS batch of 2019-2020 can be downloaded by clicking the link given below:
Phase I                  :  http://bit.ly/firstMBBS
Phase II                :  http://bit.ly/IIMbbs
Phase II (Part I)    :  http://bit.ly/IIIMbbs1
Phase III (Part II)  :  http://bit.ly/3Mbbs2
Date 9- 10am 10-11am 11-12 12- 1pm 1-2pm 2-3pm 3-4pm
01.08.19 Inauguration Ice breaking / one to one – MEU Formation of groups -MEU The Medical Profession -DEAN Lunch Why do you choose to become a doctor ? PANEL DISCUSSION
02.08.19 Rapporteur report My Experience as a doctor [ RETD PROF] My Experience as a doctor [PRIVATE DR.] History of Medicine
Lunch Lecture of Yoga
Lecture of Yoga
03.08.19 Rapporteur report What is a hospital?
Role and Divisions of Hospital [ Deputy MS] Alternate system of medicine [ Siddha ] Lunch Yoga demonstration [ Physiology]
05.08.19 Rapporteur report Hospital Visit ion groups [ JRs of Clinical Departments] Hospital Visit ion groups [ JRs of Clinical Departments] Hospital Visit ion groups [ JRs of Clinical Departments] Lunch Reflections  &  discussion  [MEU ]
06.08.19 Rapporteur report Patient as a teacher
[Prof of Medicine]
Patient in pain
[Prof of Surgery]
What does it mean to be a patient ? [Clinical faculty] Lunch Yoga demonstration[ Physio]
07.08.19 Rapporteur report Visit to Hospital
Interaction with patient and bystanders
[ JRs of Clinical Departments]
Visit to Hospital
Interaction with patient and bystanders
[ JRs of Clinical Departments]
Lunch Reflections  &  discussion
[MEU team]
08.08.19 Rapporteur report Health Care delivery
[Community Med]
National Health Programmes [Community Med]  Health Care Programmes of Tamilnadu  [Community Med] Lunch Universal Precautions
[Community Med]
Functioning of Urban and Rural Health centres
[Community Med]
09.08.19 Rapporteur report Emergency room
Casualty  [TAEI ] Trauma care [TAEI ] Lunch Basic Life Support Skills – Over view  TAEI
12.08.19 Rapporteur report Communication Skills
Case study on Communication skills
Role Play on communication skills MEU Lunch Visit to Urban and Rural Centre as 4 groups
14.08.19 Rapporteur report Basic Life Support demo   [TAEI] Basic Life Support demo  [ TAEI] Lunch Pharmacognosy  & Related [ Pharmac\
16.08.19 Rapporteur report We cut to save
[Prof Surgery ]
Blood as a life saver
[Blood bank]
Doctor as a Lifelong learner   MEU Lunch Drawing . Painting, Collage _ All faculty
19.08.19 Rapporteur report Life begins here
[ Prof OBG]
Doctor – Social leader
[Comm. Med]
Doctor – Researcher
Lunch Stress management – Any faculty
20.08.19 Rapporteur report Doctor – Family Physician [ Prof Med] Health economics
[MEU/ any faculty]
Doctor too has a family
[Any faculty]
Lunch How to use information technology effectively [ IT coordinator]
21.08.19 Rapporteur report Mentors / role of mentoring  [ Non clinical Faculty] Leadership role of doctor  [ MEU] Student Mentoring – Interns/ Final Year Lunch Visit to Urban and Rural Centre as 4 groups
Rapporteur report Ethics in Medicine
Role play on the various principles of Ethics
Lunch Language Skills – Interactive Session [ MEU]
23.08.19 Rapporteur report Universal Immunization Prof [ Comm .Medicine] Visit to museums of Anatomy & Pathology Lunch Debate by students
24.08.19 Rapporteur report Laboratory in Diagnosis [ Central lab] Visit to Hospital Laboratories [ Central Lab] Lunch Sports
26.08.19 Rapporteur report Dead can tell tales
Forensic Med]
Career options
Scope in Medicine
Any faculty
Lunch Sports
27.08.19 Rapporteur report Bio safety
Patient Safety Microbiology Biomedical Waste management Microbiology Lunch Sports
28.08.19 Rapporteur report Dead teach living - Anatomy Body as a system - Physiology Chemistry of Life - Biochemistry Lunch Visit to Anatomy – Physiology – Biochemistry
29.08.19 Rapporteur report Our experience - Interns Our experience – Final Our experience- Phase II Lunch Fine arts
30.08.19 Rapporteur report The Medical Curriculum Curriculum - Assessment Campus Life Lunch Valedictory Feedback

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