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CME & Workshop – Detailed report         
The ‘CME & Workshop on Substance Abuse – Be Aware’ was conducted by the Department of Forensic Medicine, GVMCH on 11-10-2022, in the Exam Hall, GVMCH, Villupuram from 9 AM to 5 PM.
                                The programme started with the registration of the attendees from 8 AM onwards.
The CME & Workshop was planned to create awareness and emphasize the dangers of Substance Abuse in the student community. The Dean, instructed all the students from Ist to IIIrd MBBS to attend the CME without fail. The HODs of the respective departments were requested to permit the students to attend the same. A total of 292 students from Ist to IIIrd MBBS attended the CME and were benefitted.About 20 delegates from various departments of GVMCH graced the occasion.
 The inauguration started with a Prayer song by the Ist MBBS students. This was followed by the welcome address by Dr.D.Gitanjali, M.D.(FM) – Professor & HOD, GVMCH. The inaugural address was delivered by Dr. S. Sangeetha, Vice-Principal, GVMCH.
                               The scientific sessions started by 10.15am. The first session ‘Medicolegal aspects of Substance Abuse’ was by Dr. S. Ramalingam, Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, Govt. Stanley Medical College, Chennai.
  Followed by Tea break, the second session ‘Prevention & Treatment of a case of Substance Abuse’ was handled by Dr. D. Punidhavathi, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, GVMCH, Villupuram.
                               The third session Investigator’s perspective of a case of Substance Abuse was by Mrs.P.Kavitha, Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime, Cuddalore.
                               A delicious lunch was served was served to all who attended.
                              The afternoon session was filled with student activities like Elocution competition and Role play. There were 6 participants, 2 from each batch, who put forward their ideas boldly and clearly. The Role play was a great success, enjoyed by both the students and the delegates alike. Two teams from each batch participated. The judges had a tough time deciding the winners.
                               The feedback from the students stated that the CME was useful and created an awareness about Substance Abuse.
FM, GVMCH, RFSL visit – 12-09-20222
The students of IIIrd MBBS Government Villupuram Medical College & Hospital, Villupuram were taken on a Laboratory visit to the ‘Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Villupuram’ on 12-09-2022.
                            This study trip was arranged by the Professor & HOD of Forensic Medicine, GVMCH, Dr. D. Gitanjali. Prior permission was obtained from the Deputy Director, RFSL, Villupuram. The travel by the students from the college to the laboratory was by the College bus and van provided by the college administration.
This RFSL Lab caters to the needs of 3 districts – Villupuram, Cuddalore & Kallakurichi.
                           On reaching the laboratory the students were given an introduction about the collection and preservation of viscera during Postmortem and the various experiments undertaken in the routine and special cases.
                           The RFSL staff- the Assistant directors & Scientific officers from the various divisions like Biology, Serology, Toxicology & Narcotics explained in detail, all the procedures done in the lab - the procedures followed in the receipt of the viscera from the various Postmortem centres, the chemical and biological tests etc.
                                The medical students learnt about the various preservation techniques in viscera collection. They had a firsthand experience in the detection of various odours in different poisoning cases.The identification of the various poisons by thin layer chromatography aroused the importance of experimentation in their young minds. Their clinical acumen was sharpened when they viewed diatoms and semen under the microscope in the biology division.                 
                                Vignettes from the reflections of the students
  • The lab visit was interesting & informative
  • A great learning experience
  • A big thanks to the FM department, for their effort and new initiative
  • Looking forward to future practical sessions
  • Learnt how to preserve the viscera in the correct manner

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