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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

                              The Department of obstetrics and gynecology started along in 500 bedded medical college hospital 60 bed for OBG with two units along with family welfare unit and CEmONC activities.

Outpatient department      :
  1. Daily Antenatal op
  2. Daily gynec op
  3. Daily family planning op
  4. Postnatal op
  5.  Daily ultra sonogram in op
  1. Cancer screening
  2. Infertility op
  3. Adolescent op
  4. NCD Clinic
Around 80-100 out patients per day at present, ante-natal patients are screened regularly and examined routinely so that high-risk cases are identified immediately and treated.
Gynec patients are regularly screened for cervical cancer with via villi, colposcopy, PAPS smear and biopsy, if necessary in the OP.
Family planning patients also counsel by anm and counselor. Temporary methods like OCP, condoms and oral pills are given in the OPD. Separate room for scanning for the OP patients.

 WORK LOAD in OG Department
Outpatient  Department Census
AN OP 10,050
Gynaec OP 12,000
FP OP 3000
Other OP 4000
TOTAL 29,500
PAP smear 210
Colposcopy 159
Via Villi 118
Op Cervix biopsy 16

Professor      1
Associate Professor      2
Assistant Professor      3
Antenatal Medl.Officer       1
Maternity & Child Welfare Officer       1
Senior Resident      3
Junior Resident      6
Labour room        :
15 bedded labour room with 8 labour board of which one is being used for separate septic labor ward. Daily admission is 20-25 per day, with average of 18-20 deliveries.
As it is a referral center, more than 50% are high risk patients who are treated in a separate eclampsia and high-risk rooms.
Around 35% of the total delivery is through LSCS.
Round the clock qualified duty OGcians are available.
Total deliveries 6700
Caesarian  2297
Normal deliveries 4403
Complicated deliveries 5400
USG done 8600
Theatre            :
We have separate theatres for elective, obstetric, gynecology and family planning cases, where operations are being conducted on a daily basis except on Sundays.
All emergency cases are done in the emergency OT.
Surgeries Done:
  1. Elective and emergency caesarean section
  2. Emergency hysterectomies
  3. Elective vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy
  4. Emergency and elective laprotomies
  5. All female Family planning procedures
6.       Laparoscopic surgeries – sterilization, hysterectomy and cystectomy.
  1. Hysteroscopy examinations are also done.
8.       We have laser and cryo also available.
Major 303
Minor 1450
Ante natal
Total deliveries 6700
LSCS 2300
Family Planning 1256
LS 325
PS 453
Others 425
Training Programs:
  1. Training for other doctors, staff nurses and ANM.
  2. CEmONC training
  3. Family planning surgeries training
  4. Laparoscopic sterilization training
  5. Colposcopy training
  6. Ultra sonogram training
  7. Via villi training 
We also teach 3 batches of MBBS students.
OP  Classes Daily
Weekly tutorials
Seminars , Symposiums bimonthly
Weekly Assessment Sessions  on Saturdays.
  1. Separate Ante-natal and post-natal wards with 30 beds.
  2. Separate family planning and gynec wards.
  3. We also treat DAL patients in ICU ward. 
Janani suraksha scheme for post-natal mother
We also do cases under CMCHS schemes.
Thus, it is evident that the OG department has also become an integral part of Villupuram Medical College and Hospital.

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