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          Government Villupuram Medical College is one of the new colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The Department of Forensic Medicine became fully functional from June 2011and Academic activities started

from October 2011.

Forensic department is housed in the 3rd floor of the academic block.

Assistant Professor:1

It has one class room, one demonstration room, a good library and an informative museum.

A number of activities are being carried out in this department:
          1. Academic activities
           2. Medico-legal work
           3. Expert Forensic work

1. Academic activities -

             As per the Medical Council of India (MCI), Forensic Medicine is one of the subjects for the 2nd MBBS students and hence theory and practical sessions are taken according to a regular teaching schedule.

2. Medico-legal work

             Medico-legal autopsy. The number of post-mortems is on the rise, since GVMC is a tertiary referral centre and situated in the highway. From January 2012 to December 2012, 753 post-mortems have been conducted.

             Both the accused and victim involved in the sexual offence cases are referred to the department for examination and opinion.

3. Expert Forensic work

             Expert opinion is offered to the judiciary in difficult Medicolegal cases from the districts of Villupuram and Cuddalore.
            Opinion regarding the state of the hyoid bone is given when requested.
            Exhumation and spot post-mortem are conducted when needed.
Interesting events

Second MBBS Students - 2012-2014
(1) Debate:
Topic - Should Euthanasia be legalised in India or not?
A debate was conducted on 31.10.2011.
The students in 2 group of 12 each, participitated enthusiastically.
Euthanasia-infliction of painless death-(mercy killing)-created ripples in the minds of the budding doctors.
The students on each side put forward effective arguments in favour of and against euthanasia.
The current legal status of Euthanasia in India and the world scenario was also discussed.

(2) Exhumation:
About 86 students were taken in 2 vehicles to a village, 30 km from GVMC on 4.11.2014.
Exhumation was done on a body buried 5 days back, on suspicion of homicide.
The site of burial and the victim were identified by the father of the victim and spot postmortem was conducted in the presence of police officers and the Tahsildar.
The procedure of exhumation was explained to the students.
The students felt that it was a good learning experience.

(3) Visit to FSL:
Visit to the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory at Villupuram.
Students were taken for a visit to the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory at Villupuram in 2 batches on 10.4.14 & 12.4.14.
In the forensic science Lab, various analysis are done.
The viscera collected from the autopsied bodies are sent through the police.
The viscera are analyzed for the presence of Poisons, alcohol, etc...
The introductory class was taken by Dr.D.Gitanjali, Assistant professor, GVMC.
The work done at various divisions were explained and demonstrations done in
Toxicology division by Mrs. Jamuna Sivasankar, Assistant Director RFSL,
Biology division by Mrs. Jayanthi, Scientific Officer RFSL and
Prohibition & Narcotics division by Mrs. Shanmugam, Scientific Officer RFSL.
The visit was very informative and the students had a first hand experience on the working of the RFSL.

(4) Establishment of Identity of  bones:
A bundle of bones were brought to the department for establishment of identity.
Students were divided into three groups and the bones identified and diffentiated based on age and sex, into 3 skeletons.

Second MBBS Students 2012-2014
(1) Debate:
Topic - Should Capital death Sentence be authorized in India or Not?
A debate was conducted on 5.12.14.
The students in 2 group of 3 students each, participitated with great interest.
Capital death sentence, the burning issue of recent times provoked a lot of legal, moral and social issues in the young minds.

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